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Gardening as a revolution. Most recently, as Founder & Executive Director of the Insight Garden Program, I built a $1+ million nonprofit that works across sectors to provide experiential, transformative gardening and landscaping training in prisons, participant re-entry programs, and advocacy for systems change at the intersections of environmental, criminal, and social justice. To become environmentally aware, all people need is a little time in the garden, or outdoors -- nature teaches us everything we need to know.

Thanks for the Gravy (or reflections on cultivating gratitude)

OK, so the holidays are approaching like a Turkey in heat (is that possible?)  And this year’s been a tough one for a whole lot of folks.  Being someone who always tries to find the silver lining, I very purposefully … Continue reading

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Trusting Together

Lately it seems that the theme of trust is very in my face.  Now and more than ever, in this time of uncertainty and collective media-messaged fear, finding trust in ourselves and each other seems to be in short supply. … Continue reading

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The Good News

I’ve recently been reflecting on ways to reweave the fabric of our community through leadership and citizenship.  Much of my shift in thinking about what makes great leaders and citizens (or citizen leaders) and indeed – sustainable, healthy communities and … Continue reading

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“Real” America

It’s a week before the mid-term elections. During campaigns, I’m always reminded of Sarah Palin’s “Real America” mantra so prevalent during the last presidential campaign. Somehow she positioned folks from the heartland as having one up on the rest of … Continue reading

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Why do I help “criminals”?

Despite the recent revival of the death penalty controversy here in California and what “those people” must be like behind bars, there are reasons why people like me spend time working with prisoners. Recently our Insight Garden Program co-hosted the … Continue reading

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The Power of Plants

The power of the natural world to transform… Continue reading

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